Shrubs, Plants and Seeds

We’re proud to boast an amazing range of shrubs, plants, and seeds here at Springtime. Whether you’re looking to plant your and grow your own, or have something to go straight in to a pot or planter, we have everything you’ll need.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants: We have a massive selection of indoor and outdoor plants, including African Violets, Mini Roses, Geraniums, Bedding Plants, Perennials, as well as seasonal plants.

Silk Flowers: Enjoy all the colour and life that flowers bring all year round without the need for water and maintenance with our large selection of high-end silk flowers. We have all sizes and colours – from sprays and stem flowers to trees and shrubs – there’s an artificial flower or plant for any purpose.

Trees and Shrubs: From conifers to fruit trees, Springtime Nurseries have trees and shrubs for every garden.

Seeds: We stock a wide range of plant and vegetable seeds.