New This Month

Stock Arriving Daily

We are delighted to announce that new stock is arriving daily.

Please pop-in to visit our revamped shop floor with lots to choose from.

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Huge Indoor Plant Selection

Looking for the perfect addition to your home?

Come to our store and browse our HUGE selection of indoor plants! Whether you’re looking for a pop of green in the living room or an herb garden for your kitchen, we’ve got it all.

Stop by today and find your perfect match!

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Birds in the Garden

Are you looking to add something special to your garden?

We have a variety of new products designed just for birds! From birdhouses and feeders to water features and more, we have the perfect additions to create an ideal bird sanctuary.

Check out our selection today!

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Silk Flowers

Let’s bring beauty and elegance to any room with our exquisite silk flowers!

Our handmade, luxurious silk flowers add a timeless and sophisticated touch that is sure to be admired by all.

Shop now for the perfect home or special event décor addition.

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Create a magical oasis in your own backyard! Our garden bulbs are here to help – now available in store.

Come explore the perfect addition to your outdoor space today!